~Testimonials From New Puppy Owners~
"Jim & I have one of the Chocolate labs from Ellendale Labradors. He
was from Jack and Reesee's 1st litter.  His name is “Hershey” and he was
born Dec. 4th, 2006. He is a healthy 96 lbs and has one of the most
beautiful brown shiny coats I have ever seen. He loves to play fetch, go
for rides in the car – (I take him to Ellendale Labradors to play with his
friend Zoey – they went to Puppy School together). He takes naps on the
couch with Jim and sleeps with us. He’s sooooo spoiled but we love him
and we would not take anything for him. He’s ours!!!!!

I have seen the litters born @ Ellendale Labrador and they have all been
beautiful pups.  They get wonderful care and a lot of individual attention.
They are held from the day they are born and played with until they find
homes. I enjoy hearing where all the pups go in the United States and
also outside the country."

Jim & Debbie of NC
Silver-factored Chocolate Lab
Black Labrador Puppy Chillin on the couch
Silver factored Black Labrador Puppy
Ellendale Labradors Chocolate Lab
Santa brings a little Chocolate Labrador Puppy
Beautiful Charcoal Labrador with Iris Background
Ellendale Labradors Charcoal Labrador Puppy
Beautiful Silver Factored Black Labrador Pup
We have been so blessed to have met so many wonderful people and families that have given our
puppies & dogs a wonderful home.  Below you will find some of their testimonies, in their own words.
Charcoal Labrador Puppy Retrieving In Water
First of all thank you for these 2 fantastic girls we passed a fantastic weekend, my kids haanno
played all day Sunday, small educated and are very brave and I wanted to know about if you have
taught their command and what obedience .

I thank you once again for all that you did"

Gavello of Bondeno Ferrara, Italy
Light Silver and Charcoal Silver sisters

Allevamento Labrador "Estense"
Ellendale Labradors beautiful Light Silver female puppy
Curious Charcoal Labrador pupppy

Tiger is absolutely the joy of our lives.  He has such a great
personality and keeps us smiling everyday.  As for his color and
physique, the guy is an absolute celebrity when we go on walks.  
His frame is so strong and his color is so rich and unique that
people can not see him and not compliment us on our growing pup.
You do a great job with these animals and I am so grateful we
found your website that night.  We will probably be getting another
one down the road when we get a bigger house so we will keep in

Alex & Nicole of NC
Charcoal Silver Lab
Chillin on the sofa, Charcoal Labrador
Charcoal Labrador puppy
"......she's doing very good she's getting bigger and bigger .  We named her "Grissy" since in
Spanish "gris" means gray, that name fits her perfect.  She's an amazing dog.  We take her to the
park and she never gets away from us.  She's always next to us and she takes care of us.  We
usually walk her before we go to bed and since the park is only 2 blocks from my house, we let
they're loose they take off she's not like that . Well here are some pictures of her."

Alejandra P. of Illinois
Light Silver Lab
Light Silver Labrador Retriever
Cooling off the tummy, Light Silver Labrador Retriever
Chocolate Labrador sleeping in bed
She is beautiful and Daddy's girl.

Norris A. of North Carolina
Light Silver Lab
Light Silver Labrador named Shimmer, so appropriate!
Profile shot of Light Silver Labrador Retriever
Labrador Retrievers love to fetch!!
Last week at his 2nd vet appt. he weighed in
at 15.8 pounds. He's got so much energy,
learned sit and stay so far. But I can't wait till
it gets warmer so I can take him to the
beach. Here's some pictures of him.

Christianne D. of Virginia
Silver-factored Black Lab
This is my seat!!  Black Labrador Retriever Pup
Loving the couch, Silver Factored Black Lab Puppy
Our angel showed up without a problem :)  We can tell he has been around kids...was
jumping all over my son within seconds of meeting him.  I must say, what ever you have
done for his social development in the last 5 weeks worked.  My gosh, he played with my
moms chug and chihuahua (they are impossible) like it was nothing.  He travels well,
socialized with our neighbors English chocolate lab like it was his daddy :)
His nature is just delightful!  Thank you for how you raised him in the former stage, it
makes a HUGE difference. We are on our way to Petco,  his name is Duke :)... Vet visit
today went well.  
Thanks again pics to come!!!!

Nikki M. of California
Light Silver Lab
Take me hunting!!  Light Silver Labrador Retriever Pup.
Stella says hi!    She is doing great and has adapted to her new
home.  She is so sweet.  Take care.

Kevin S. of South Carolina
Charcoal Silver Lab
He weighed in at 12.5 pounds its amazing how much he has grown. The potty training
is bathroom outside and he's now holding it for longer periods of time. He is
extremely playful and loves to chew...lol.  Should have named him Chomper because
he bites everything...lol. Everybody who has seen him just thinks he's so adorable.
Most people around here have never heard of a silver lab and some of the staff at
the clinic hadn't either. I hope to get you some pictures soon. Thank you again. I'll be
in touch.

Christopher K. of Mississippi
Light Silver Lab
One proud Labrador Puppy, Light Silver
I don't know what happened to the clothes.....Charcoal Labrador Retriever Pup
I just had to drop a note to tell you about Shilo. He is getting so big. He weighed in at
28.5 pounds April 1,2009 at the vet. He is such a little man. I take him to work with me
every day. He has become quite the social butterfly. Everyone in town stops by to see
him. We are on the 5th week of puppy class 101 and doing great.

I just wanted to say thank you for all that you and your family did. You made the trip to
NC worth while.

Talk to you later,

Robin K.- Ohio
Light Silver Lab
Sure I'll sit for a picture....how's this?  Silver Labrador Puppy
My Humans..... Holding a Light Silver Labrador Puppy
Light Silver Labrador Puppy
Ellendale Labradors Light Silver Puppy
I'm a good girl....Light Silver Pup
Hi Jacqueline,

I just thought i would send you some updated photos of
Rylan. He's the sweetest pup ever.Since I work during the
week he has loved going to Daycare to play with all the
other dogs and we spend the weekend going to a local
Dog park where he continues to meet new friends and has
a blast with his never ending enegy. He has been a
complete joy to have. Everyone who meets him always
commenting on his calm and loving temperment. Thanks
again for Rylan!

Christianne D. of Virginia
Silver-factored Black Lab
Silver Factored Black Labrador Retriever Head Shot
Sitting still for a picture, Silver Factored Black Lab
What a cute face....Black Labrador Retriever
Labradors Love The Water
Time to take the boat out - Black Lab Puppy
Light Silver Labrador Retriever Pup
Lucy made with no problems.  She and Bert are getting along just fine so far.  He gets a little seem to
realize that anything is going on yet, that pottying outside, is the big thing.
It took Bert months to get that.  Hopefully she won't be as slow.  Bert has actually been more of a
hindrance than a help in that.  He jumps her and gets all rowdy anytime we go out and if I don't take him
too, he has such a screaming hissy fit through the door, he distracts her to much.  I was so tired, I slept
thru her whimpers at one point last night and she went almost 3 hours without an accident in her crate.  
Bert was able to go all night by 4 months.  Hope it is with her as well.
She has her first vet visit with shots, etc... on Monday.
Boy is she a pig.  I was trying to gradually add a little of Bert's food with hers over the next week or two,
but she dumped his food pail and gorged.  No diarrhea, no vomiting, didn't slow her down a bit.  He got
about an 1/8 of a cup of her food and had diarrhea the next two bm's.  He's delicate.  Doesn't look like she
is going to be that sensitive.  Thank God.
I can't get over the size difference between them.  I don't remember Bert being little at all.   I will send
pictures once I get the chance to weed through my memory card.  Will get the pictures organized and
forward some of Bert and Lucy for you.
Take care,
Glynnis H. of Texas
Charcoal Silver Male & Chocolate Female
Silver Factored Chocolate Labrador Puppy
Ready to go to live with my new family.   Light Silver Labrador Puppy
Tilt my head this way?  Light Silver Labrador puppy
These are recent pictures of Tulum.  He is growing soooo

Michelle S.
South Carolina
Light Silver Male

Hope you are well.  Thought I would send you a current photo
of Tulum.

Jan. 15, 2010
Thanks for the card it was so thoughtful, Tulum is growing
and so much fun, he will start  school on Monday with a Top
Breeder in our area, who also has a day care which he
attends and plays with all of his labs, he told me last week
that he had a girlfriend now with a blonde lab.  Too Funny, he
is full of himself.  I have attached some photos about a week
ago in snow on our trip to Blowing Rock.

Michelle S.
Full Grown Charcoal Labrador Retriever
Charcoal Labradors are also known as Smokey Black
Ellendale Labradors Charcoal Labrador Puppy
Ready for Halloween!!  Light Silver Labrador
Where's the goodies??  Light Silver Labrador
A beautiful snow fall for a Labrador to play in.
I've got something on my nose.... Light Silver Lab playing in snow.
Hi Jaqueline,

I hope you are doing wonderful.  We just submitted a
deposit for a silver female puppy.  We are very excited
and can't wait to meet her.  When we decided it was
time to get another dog we knew that we wanted a
silver lab, and we knew that we wanted to get her from
you.  Tiger is the best dog we could ever ask for, he is
the light of our lives and we are thrilled to add another
little angel to our family.  I have attached a few pictures
of our little guy, I hope you enjoy them.


One happy, BIG boy, Charcoal Labrador
Head shot of a Charcoal Labrador Retriever
Charcoal Labrador - Water Retrieving
Duke is the BEST DOG EVER! So well behaved, has NEVER chewed on anything ( my
babies toys are everywhere and he does not touch them).  He doesn’t come in
when he is wet from the pool even with the door open.  He does not go upstairs (
Retrieves all DAY LONG!.  And my little 2 yr old girl jumps all over him and he is so
protective of her.  I just want to thank you for him we love him so much he is
Born to Our Own
(Light SIlver) and
(SF Black)
Born to Our Own
(SF Black)
Born to Our Own
(Light SIlver) and
(SF Black)
Born to Our Own
(Light SIlver) and
(SF Black)
Zoey (Light SIlver) and
(SF Black)
Zoey (Light SIlver) and
(SF Black)
Born to Our Own
Born to Our Own
(SF Black)
Jack (SF Black)
Zoey (Light SIlver) and
(SF Black)
Below:  Photo of Sire and Dam,
Zoey and Jack
Born to Our Own
(Light SIlver) and
(SF Black)
"As first time puppy owners, Jacqueline made us feel very comfortable and answered all of
thanks in part to the care he initially received with Jacqueline and he brings so much joy to
our lives. He's also beautiful and healthy with really big puppy paws that draw many

Erik and Susan, North Carolina
Charcoal Silver Lab

I just wanted to send an update on little Jackson.  He is 90lbs of joy and a little trouble but
doing awesome.  He is the most playful dog we have ever seen.  The dog camp we board him
at sometimes says he runs and plays more than any dog they have ever seen.  He really has a
wonderful personality.

Erik and Susan
Zoey (Light SIlver) and
(SF Black)
her limitations.  We took a boat trip on the lake this weekend where we taught Leila how to swim
and retrieve.  She is so much fun and very smart.  Please let Brooke know our Leila is doing very
well and is very happy.  

I also referred you to a couple that was looking for a service companion.  I had Leila out at Lowe's
getting plants and they saw her and fell in love with her.  I gave them your e-mail address."  

Hope you all are doing well.
Keep in touch, Regards,
Teresa and Leila, South Carolina
Silver-factored Black Lab
Born to Our Own
(SF Black)
informative and helpful while we were
searching for a puppy.  We purchased
for River) born to Zoey and Jack on
was obvious the dog was well taken
care of and socialized from the start.  
He is extremely intelligent and a true
joy to have around.  Our son and Rio
are inseparable.  I just want to thank
you again for your help and care!"  

Danny, Gerri, & Matias of New Mexico
Charcoal Silver Lab
February 14, 2008, to Jack and Reesee.  Right now, at 13 weeks, she is a
healthy 24 pounds, with a gorgeous shiny black coat.  She is extremely
highly recommend Ellendale.  They take wonderful care of their labs, and
are very personable, nice people."  

Samantha and Michael , Ohio
Silver-factored Black Lab
Born to Our Own
(Light SIlver) and
(SF Black)
Born to Our Own
(SF Chocolate) and
(SF Black)
Born to Our Own
(SF Chocolate) and
(SF Black)
You will forever be loved and missed!!